Clarksfield Adventist Academy
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Philosophy and Goals

The mission of Clarksfield Adventist Academy (CAA) exists to prepare students not only for life on this earth, but for all eternity.  Through active participation with the family and the church, we strive to educate and equip our children to understand the truth about life, the world, and their place in it from a Biblical orientation. We believe that a knowledge and understanding of God's Word, the Bible, as the ultimate standard of truth will help in every other aspect of learning and living.  We believe that the knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom.  In recognizing our origins, at the hands of a loving Creator, in seeing  our need of a Savior, and in learning about God's desire to be Lord of all aspects of our lives, children gain a wonderful and awesome sense of their purpose and place both in this world and in the world to come.  With this understanding, our school seeks to equip our students to be healthy and positive members of their local communities and the world at large.
Our school differs from public schools in that we look at the whole person, starting with the spiritual, the heart, but also including the mind, the intellectual, as well as the social and physical.  Our objectives for including all these areas in our instruction are to help our students be all that God intends for them to be, to leave their elementary and secondary years fully equipped, healthy, and balanced ready to serve their fellow man, their families, society, and God while pursuing college and career.

Spiritual Growth

            To understand that the Word of God, the Bible is used as the standard of truth, the source of doctrine, a guide for daily living, and the basis for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
            To go to God in prayer.  We encourage experiencing the power and privilege of prayer, of bringing our thanks and requests to our Heavenly Father in prayer.
            To live a life of service.  We believe that as Christians, we are called to a life of humble service for others.  Our focus is to encourage by example and experience    the blessings of a life of unselfish service for others.

Intellectual Growth

            To recognize that each child is uniquely and wonderfully made, with their own set of strengths and talents, and that our minds are made to grow and develop and grasp newer and ever-higher concepts and thoughts.
            To foster and encourage the use of creative and critical thinking and thought-process
            To educate and expand their minds in all the basic and necessary elements of edudation: reading, writing, mathematics, history, and the sciences.

Social Growth

            To experience the warmth and joy of friendship, recognizing that we are all unique and can contribute something that no one else can, and to appreciate those unique qualities in our fellow students, peers, and teachers.
            To help students learn the social skills such as kindness, helpfulness, tact, courtesy, and other such graces that will help them both in their school years and throughout their lifetime.
            To help students practice good citizenship, recognizing and assuming their responsibilities to their families, their school, their church, their community, and their country.

Physical Growth

            To recognize that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
            To learn that the physical is connected to all the other aspects of our being, and what we eat and put in our bodies, as well as, the exercise we participate in affects the rest of our being.

            To experience that the Biblical guidelines for health are for our benefit, including nutrition(vegetarian), water, temperance, exercise, sunshine, fresh air, sleep, and trust in God.